• You can initiate a return within 15 days for Lorrita Mall items and 7 days for other eligible items from sellers if you have received a wrong, damaged, defective or counterfeit item.
  • On returning any item ensure it is placed in its original packaging, include all accessories, tags, labels or freebies and seals intact item in its original form and packaging. If you have used or void the package you wish to return, your return will be invalid.

Placing an Offline Order?

Call or Whatsapp our customer care to order offline +234-7054386798

Operating Hours: Mon-Fri 8am-7pm;

Saturday 9am-5pm;

Public Holidays 10am-4pm

What Are The Steps To Register As Seller On Lorrita Mall?

  1. Go to www.lorrita.com or search for Lorrita Mall on Google.
  2. Click on “Sellers Portal”
  3. Click on “Sellers Registration”
  4. Complete the form and click on “Register”
  5. Note: Choose the name of your shop, Shop name can only be changed once.
  6. A verification email will be sent to your registered email address
  7. Log into your email and click on the link to verify your registration.
  8. From your dashboard, click on Start Selling, select a plan of choice and you start with the free plan, activate and you will be directed to your sellers dashboard.
  9. Your Sellers account is set for use.
Note you need to verify your business check the faq on how to verify your business.

How to Verify your Business

At Lorrita.com, we take strong measure in quality and safety. You need to verify your business to start adding product.
You can upload Any of Valid ID card/Business Registration Certificate/Utility Bill and A picture of you holding your ID Card.
 To verify, follow the following steps:
1. Enter www.lorrita.com
2. Click on on sellers portal and login through the sellers login
3. Click on Sellers Panel if you are on the main dashboard. If you are on sellers dashboard skip 3.
4. Click on the user profile image, click on edit profile and click on verify business.
5. Upload your document and also put a brief info of what you sell.
6. Wait for approval. Approval takes between 2 - 3 working days.
7. If you are approved, you will get a mail notification and also verify check mark on your business page.
8. If your verification was declined, you will get a reason from admin and what to do next.

Who can Sell on Lorrita Mall?

Lorrita Mall accepts both sellers who are companies and those that are sole traders. If your company is registered in Nigeria or abroad. All you need is to provide the required legal document and office address. And every requested document.

All product, legal and approved across all categories can be put in the mall for sale.

Why Was My Credit/Debit Card Declined?

If you experience trouble completing payment through debit/credit card, first thing to do is to make sure that your card is activated for online payments by your bank and that you have enough funds/limit to complete the transaction. Your bank can help you verify these details.

You can also try our alternative channel which is bank transfer.

How Do I Place An Order?

Shopping on Lorrita Mall is made easy.
Follow the steps below once you found the product you want to buy.

Search for the product by typing the name on “search for product” space or click on categories and go to the right category and follow through to find product.

Click on “Add to Cart” to add product to cart. After selecting all needed products.

Click on ”Buy Now” to see the products invoice

Click on “Proceed to Checkout”

Fill in your personal details, billing details and shipping details and ensure your details are complete and accurate

Click on Continue to see the "Cart List" of your purchase

Choose your preferred payment option and click on continue

Complete the requirement and click on “Complete Order”


Once this process is complete a message is automatically sent to “Confirm” your purchased and the shipping process is activated.

If you are unsure of whether your order has been “Confirmed” or not, please contact us 3hours after your order

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