Grow With The Right People

How often do people throw this question at you? I can imagine going to a business function or a networking event and getting to meet like-minded individuals. You want to connect and be friends with them because of the value you see in them.

As an entrepreneur, who is your best friend? Who are you celebrating daily? Do you have that friend that supports your ideas, initiatives and achievements? I know it’s too early in the week to raise a glass of wine and toast to that amazing friendship, but true friendship definitely deserves to be celebrated.

As an organization that thrives on collaboration and collaboration with entrepreneurs all around, we choose to celebrate you always.  Without you, Lorrita Mall will not be able to run. We cannot help but say thanks for trusting our platform with your shopping.

Having more friends will definitely not hurt and that’s why we are asking you today: "Can we be friends?”  The core value of any friendship is TRUST and that’s why we don’t just treat our clients as friends, we treat them as family.

In the words of Mistey Copeland –“Anything is possible, when you have the right people to support you”

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